Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Accident Helpers provide services for all types of accidents?
Yes, we cater to a diverse array of accident types, including motor vehicle accidents, trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, workers' compensation, and personal injury cases.
How can I access The Accident Helpers' services after a car accident?
Initiating your journey with us is straightforward. Complete the contact form on our website or contact us directly for a free consultation. If you prefer not to use the form, call our Accident Hotline - (917) 444-5650, to speak with an Injury Compensation Specialist at no cost.
Can The Accident Helpers assist with accident claims throughout the United States?
Yes, we have a robust legal support network across the United States, enabling us to assist clients nationwide. We connect those who have been injured with a network of insured, licensed attorneys to help victims secure the compensation they deserve.
How confidential is the information I share with The Accident Helpers?
We adhere to strict confidentiality and privacy to protect all client information. Any details you provide will be disclosed only to third-party attorneys under attorney-client privilege, a legal concept that protects your communications with our attorneys from being disclosed without your consent.
How does The Accident Helpers ensure the quality of attorneys in their network?
We connect you with attorneys who have specialized expertise, are insured, licensed, and are in good standing with their State Bar Associations.